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BOLTON. Observed From On High.

010810 BOLTON Faces at the window

So there I am, amiably walking down a street minding my own business and looking for photographic and blog inspiration, when I get that odd “ being watched “ sensation. It’s daylight, a pleasant, reasonably sunny day on a deserted street but the feeling persists. Is Bolton home to daylight ghosts? Not so far as I know.

It’s only when I look up a see a clutch of small faces peering down, keeping an eye on their territory. They never moved, at least not while I was looking at them but then again,  you can never be sure about these things.

Bolton information

Bolton MarketBOLTON. 

A Teapot On A Plinth.

BOLTON. It Was Christmas Eve On The Market.

Bolton. Fountain Watching On A Warm Evening.

HORWICH. A Busy Town Under The Moors. 

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