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SNAPSHOT! Warrington, Two Coffees & One Cake.

Okay a couple of jobs to sort out so a quick bus trip into Warrington. I could have driven but the traffic at the moment makes that a less than fun activity. Besides which I like the me time that can come with a bus or train ride, an opportunity to freewheel through a few ideas. Anyway, first batch of jobs done so I rewarded myself a coffee and cake […]

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SNAPSHOT! Warrington. A Very Good Brewed Boy Coffee & Cake.

It’s the middle of the week and it’s been one of those weeks where a lot of “stuff”has been sorted out but none of them were things I had set out to do. Hey how, must be a parallel universe/ timey-wimey thing. Anyway, I felt I needed coffee, so here I am at Brewed Boy (Oli) with a latte and a home baked ( bludee luvlee ) chocolate brownie. […]

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WARRINGTON. A Bridge In The Sky.

This little bit of industrial history had been on my to do list for a while but for whatever reasons I had not got around to it. So with the easing of the lock down I thought this would be the perfect time to go and seek it out. Warrington’s own Transporter Bridge. It’s the old story that once you know where it is, its really easy to find, you […]

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WARRINGTON. Market and Museum.

I’m taking a trip out on the train, heading for Llandudno. I’d pre-booked my tickets to take advantage of the savings and to save a bit of time on the day as I’m heading out early. I’d picked one of the Warrington stations, Bank Quay on the main line, to collect my tickets from, it’s only a short train ride and should have been an easy run there and back. […]

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