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BRAMPTON. A Little Bit Of History

This way to the Doctor’s.

More combing through the files looking for travel inspiration for this coming year. I travel up to Newcastle upon Tyne from time to time and a favourite place to break the journey, yes cake and coffee, is the Cumbrian market town of Brampton. It’s a place of cobbles, narrow lanes and corners that open out onto the Market Square and the Moot Hall, now the home of the Tourist Information office.

The Jacobites and their march to the south.

The main Carlisle to Newcastle road, the A 69 bypasses it now so there’s less heavy traffic to disturb the peace as you walk around and search out the history and back story of Brampton. Your in Roman Wall territory now. Emperor Hadrian’s epic construction strides across the countryside not too far off, a lonely outpost of a distant and no doubt warmer empire to the south and who knows what dragons and other terrors lie to the north.

The elegant Moot Hall, now the Tourist Information centre sits at the top of the Market Square.
All Hail The Emperor Hadrian.
A little nearer out own times, building schemes not quite on the scale of Hadrian’s Wall but possibly more welcome and certainly more useful.

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