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A quiet moment in the gardens and waiting for the bus.

A couple of years ago now I took a rail trip out to North Wales, to the slate town of Blaenau Ffestiniog. The route was out to Llandudno Junction on the North Wales line to Holyhead and then down the valley of the River Conwy.

The railway and river run side by side for a while then each go the separate ways as the train climbs up into a slate dominated landscape of mottled grey.

It was my first visit so most of the day was devoted to finding my bearings, looking around and marvelling at the houses tucked in to the corners and folds of the Valley. It was as I walked up the main street towards where the standard gauge railway and the tracks of the narrow gauge Ffestiniog route divided that I spotted the scene above. I’m a bit of an addict to what I believe is called mundane photography. The recording of the every day. I like the reasoning behind it, the big events will always be remembered but the “smaller” happenings, advertising hoardings, makes of cars, fashions are all the ones that equally resonate with people, perhaps more so as they are they more on a human scale. Most of us have waited for a bus, so we recognise the experience, we know what it means.

And yes, Blaenau is on the 2023 list.

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