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SNAPSHOT! Lancaster, And So The Day Closes.

The night steals in over Lancaster’s alleyways and streets.

I write this sat at in the very pleasant Tite & Locke pub on Lancaster railway station. Given that I had no plans for the day it has free wheeled along very nicely.  The reason I’m sat with a pint ( don’t tell lies this is your second) is that my train was cancelled, so this is one of the more comfortable ways to wait for the next one to turn up. Soon be time to wander over to the right platform and hit the next to the last leg home.

Incidentally, these station bars are great people watching places, the drama, the comedy, the everyday life, all plays out before you.

Lancaster Castle wearing it’s stern face for the night.
Some journeys begin, some journeys end and some journeys are half way through.
Cheers, it’s Lancaster Brewery Amber Ale.

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