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SNAPSHOT! Beaumaris, Wrapping Up The Day.

Keeping my completest streak happy, I thought I would wrap up my day out to Beaumaris, the day after in fact. I enjoyed the trip, yes it could have been a little bit brighter and warmer but it is the beginning of November so you get what you’re given weather wise. I had a walk around while I used up the last half an hour before the bus back to […]

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SNAPSHOT! Oxenholme, Waiting On A Nighttime Station.

The day had been going well, however a couple of transport glitches means I’m at Oxenholme station waiting for a train down to Lancaster. No point in getting ratty about it, it is what it is. Anyway there’s something a bit magical about a railway out in the countryside in the evening. The local wildlife begins to take over the station as those dratted humans beggar off out of the […]

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A long drive up into southern Scotland was a pleasing way to spend the day. There was no particular agenda so there was no rush. The traffic was bearable and the weather was cooler than it had been so a drive down to Garlieston down by the water seemed a good way to break the journey. The Harbour Inn was welcoming and the beer was good. A win win as […]

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