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SNAPSHOT! Shrewsbury, Lights Down A Dark Lane.

I had trip down to Shrewsbury over the weekend to catch up with a friend before Christmas kicks in an the world goes mad. The town is a favourite meeting point for the two of us, the twist and turn of the streets offers an ever changing palette of views and interest to us two photographers. Here the Admiral Benbow pub glows as the early evening settles in and makes […]

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SNAPSHOT! Oxenholme, Waiting On A Nighttime Station.

The day had been going well, however a couple of transport glitches means I’m at Oxenholme station waiting for a train down to Lancaster. No point in getting ratty about it, it is what it is. Anyway there’s something a bit magical about a railway out in the countryside in the evening. The local wildlife begins to take over the station as those dratted humans beggar off out of the […]

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A long drive up into southern Scotland was a pleasing way to spend the day. There was no particular agenda so there was no rush. The traffic was bearable and the weather was cooler than it had been so a drive down to Garlieston down by the water seemed a good way to break the journey. The Harbour Inn was welcoming and the beer was good. A win win as […]

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