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SNAPSHOT! Keswick, Pie & Chips And A Stroll.

Pie, chips and gravy from The Old Keswickian Chip Shop,just the thing for a day edging towards the cool.

So I landed up in Keswick in the early afternoon, I’d no particular plan for the day so like I said earlier I didn’t want the blue skies and sunshine go to waste. The ride up was as beautiful and as interesting as ever, the trees are working their way through their palette of colours on the way to Winter’s bareness. I enjoyed my pie and chips so it was time for a stroll.

Pack Horse Yard by the main street, a bit quieter with the street market being on.
Cheese, couldn’t trust myself to go in here.  Not yet met a cheese I don’t like.
It’s not a proper visit to Keswick without ice cream. It cheesecake flavour.
The Lakeland hills keep watch.

Derwentwater, another trip around comes to an end.

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