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SNAPSHOT! Penrith, Passing Through.

The Castle in the Park.

And hello from Penrith. The train arrived a little late, a shortage of train crew according to the announcements. Anyway I’m here.

Ahh, an unused bay platform, that would be useful if they ever brought back a rail service to Keswick. That would involve doing something rather than just talking about doing something.
100 % accurate I believe.
The train is heading for Glasgow, I’m heading for a bakery shop. ( Yore still on the naughty step Avanti, buying a day return could be a bit more straight forward.)
The Devonshire Arcade, I spy bakery…..

Roast turkey and stuffing roll, chocolate flapjack. Ohh and a Scotch pie in case of emergencies.

Heading off to the bus station for the next leg. Wonder what a silk mercer does?

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