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COCKERMOUTH. An Al Fresco Cheese Scone.

Cheese scone in the sunshine.

I’d done a fair bit of walking around the town from getting off the bus. I find it useful just to take five and gather my thoughts about the photos I’ve taken and what other things I want to see, explore etc. I was at the Marketplace and of Cockermouth, a wide street that for me has a continental look to it. There’s a bakery there, The Coffee Kitchen Bakery, with the delicious aromas you get from a place like that. There were a couple of tables outside and the weather had put a friendly face while the hectic breeze was having a sit down for an hour or so. There was plenty of goodies on display, bakeries like this are a bit of a rarity, something to be cherished and kept safe from the onward rush of the supermarket. I opted for a cheese scone, sorry they are something I can’t resist. A carry out tea went with it, nice touch with the tea I was asked if I wanted the teabag leaving in to ensure a nice strong brew. My answer was yes and it was. It was a very pleasant half an hour or so, sat in the Cumbrian sunshine with a scone and a cuppa and the local sparrows wishing me to get a move on so they could grab the crumbs.

Marketplace sunshine and shade.

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