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EDINBURGH. Royal Mile Serenade.

SCOTLAND. Edinburgh. Fringe Festival 2015. Cat Loud previewing her show on the Royal Mile.

One of the many delights of the Edinburgh Festival is walking down the Royal Mile past the preview stages and taking in the bite sized samples of the shows on offer. Music, drama, magic or just plain odd, they are all their for your enjoyment.

And as street photography is one of my personal pleasures there’s always plenty of scope to grab shots of the acts, in action as it were. Patience, not one of my few virtues, helps as the crowds ebb and flow around the stages. You find a good spot and frame the shot up just right, then a head randomly appears and you have to a strange jig like dance to line things up again. Or you fight your way through the crowd who are enjoying the entertainment on offer and arrive near the stage just as the acts allocated slot comes to an end and you’re left wondering what all the fuss was about. You hang around then while they wrap things up and you then wait to see which act is due next and if they’ll pull in the crowds.

It’s all good practise though, and the Festival is the cherry on the cake that is the city of Edinburgh. Part capital city, part culture hub, part movie set.


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