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SNAPSHOT! In The Kitchen Making Chutney.

Fruit chutney ready to rest and mature over Christmas until Spring.

Well, between them Storms Arwen and Barra have been battering the UK quite thoroughly. My north western part hasn’t had it as bad as some but the weather has been unwelcoming enough to put any thoughts of a photo trip anywhere firmly onto the back burner.

Cabin fever bit hard yesterday as I watched the rain pummeling my back garden. I’d sorted the household tasks and edited some photos to keep the files up to date and it was as I tidied the store cupboards etc (for about the third time) I realized that there was enough fruit etc spare to make another batch of chutney.

I know this lot won’t really be ready until Spring but I made some damson chutney towards the end of September. So by the time I work my way through that this batch will be about matured.

The recipe for this batch was made up on the go, around what was available. There’s dates, apples, the last of the green tomatoes that were still clinging on optimistically untill the storms hit. A handful or so of chopped dates and some sultanas were added for good luck. This ensemble was backed up by a LARGE red onion off the local market and a few cloves of garlic well mashed with some rock salt. I used red wine vinegar, I like the flavour and it made an inch or so more space in the cupboard. Some sugar and salt went in and I left it to gently bubble away for an hour with just a stir from time to time to stop it sticking.

Spice wise it was ginger, fresh and dried, some chilli flakes and a mildish curry powder. I added a few crushed cloves too.

I’ll be interested to see how it eventually tastes, it might be “meh” or it could be lovely, then I would end up with the problem of replicating it……

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