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LISCARD. Faces In The Park.

A moment frozen.

I’ve a couple of routes to chose from on my wanderings across the Wirral, the thumb like area that faces Liverpool on the one side and North Wales on the other.

A bus ride from the middle of Liverpool takes you under the River Mersey and on to the coast at New Brighton through the town of Liscard. I sometimes break the journey there for a walk around, there’s a Park just off the town centre, Central Park. There’s a lake and a couple of smaller bodies of water surrounded by a belt of trees. There’s also a derelict chapel in the bottom corner ( I’ll get to that at some point in a future post, honest…..)

LISCARD. Central Park, concrete youth.

It struck me that there’s an odd emptiness, a piece missing out of the jigsaw. A bit of digging on the internet, thank you Wirral Globe, revealed that Liscard Hall once stood in the park and was used as the Wallasey School of Art until closure, a fire then demolition reduced it to memories.

LISCARD. Central Park, concrete trainers on concrete youths.

There’s a group of statues marking the hall’s location, “Just Wait For Me” by the sculptor Brigitte Jurack. For me they have that slightly spooky air of something that from a distance looks human but morphs into something else as you get nearer. The faces are almost but not quite human, frozen smiles and unseeing eyes. That’s just my subjective opinion obviously, isn’t it art’s job to please, provoke and sometime unsettle?

Black eyed kids anyone?

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