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BANGOR. The Lion On The Wall.

A cast iron Leo looks out on the High Street.

I took a trip into North Wales at the weekend. Train into Bangor then the bus onward to Caernarvon. The weather could have been a little kinder but it was a day out and there were photos to track down.

I’d just missed one bus but as they’re quite regular it wasn’t the heartbreaking event it sometimes can be. Having about twenty minutes to wait I had a wander around. These are the times when I see the little corner, notice, shopfront etc that catches the eye.

As I walked part of the way down to the city centre I passed this lion on the wall. A memory of a piped water supply coming in. They seem to be a vanishing thing on the highways and byways. I’ve seen a few still on railway stations, out of use but still proudly bearing the name and florid coat of arms of whichever railway company installed it.

I’ve seen a couple turned over to housing flower displays and others acting as unofficial rubbish bins. I wonder if there’s an organisation somewhere that’s documenting or preserving them. They are an important link back to a time when a regular supply of drinking water wasn’t something that you could always take for granted.

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