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CAERNARVON. Fade to Grey.

CAERNARVON. The Menai Strait. Ghostly grey under a sweeping cloak of soft rain.

As I said in a previous post the weather on my trip down to Caernarvon had not been very friendly but the day had still been fun. Though any journey with the prospect of bumping into coffee and cake is always something I look forward to. Purely in the name of research of course.

CAERNARVON. On Bangor Street. Ornate windows built to show and impress.

Yes it would have given the day a whole different slant and tone if Mr. Blue Sky had popped his face around the door but he didn’t. I haven’t written the day off. there’s always something to be gained, a new corner to explore. A new route to travel, a walk around even a known place will generally turn up a new vista on a familiar corner. Places renew and evolve, sometimes gently sometimes not. You have to be a bit of a wild west hero and ride that horse of change as best you can.

CAERNARVON. The Castle and the Anglesey Arms across the Afon Seiont. A grey skirt of pebbles on the foreshore echo the sky.

It’s all information for my little black book of getting out and about with the camera.

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