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HOLYWELL. Lunch and Afternoon Coffee.

Sorting out a few last bits and pieces from my journey out to Holywell last autumn. It’s always an interesting experience finding a place to eat when I’m out and about. I do a bit of looking up on the internet before I go to a place I’ve never visited or haven’t visited for a while but generally I follow my nose when I drop into a place.

On the day of my Holywell visit the place as a little bit upside down as the main street was being repaved, note to self, go back and see what Hoel Fawr, the High Street, looks like now without safety barriers and piles of sand and cement etc.

12/09/19  HOLYWELL. Kassidy's. Gammon Egg & Chips.

HOLYWELL. Kassidy’s Cafe, gammon, egg and chips. Plus peas for halthy eating………..

After a little bit of walking around I reached Kassidy’s at the top of the street, a glance at the menu told me what I needed, my kind of place. The Gammon, egg and chips were just lovely. I knew I would be doing some walking so I wanted to charge myself up. ( Look I have loads of these excuses filed away when it comes to food. I like food, it likes me, just ask my waistline).

It was after this that I walked down to Basingwerk Abbey in the valley below the town. That’s an interesting walk that’s on my list to do again when the good times return. So much to see of the industrial archaeology that I enjoy.

12/09/19  HOLYWELL. Marmalade Cafe. Coffee & Biscuits.

HOLYWELL. Marmalade Cafe. Coffee and biscuits. This one of the things I miss the most during these virus times. The simple pleasue of a cup of coffee and the time to spend just watching the world go by.

When I came back up into the town centre a few hours later, I thought I’d reward myself with an afternoon coffee. I’d seen Marmalade when I was walking around on my arrival. It looked interesting and it was, with good coffee too. Like Kassidy’s it’s now in my travelling black book of places to eat and drink for future reference. I know that might sound a bit nerdy but I don’t care!

HOLYWELL. An Abbey In Stones & Shadows.

HOLYWELL. The Nuts & Bolts Of The Past.


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