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HOLYWELL. A Last Walk Around.

12/09/19  HOLYWELL. The High Street.

HOLYWELL. The High Street.

To those of you with the stamina to stick with the ramblings of my blog, if you do then thank you. I appreciate your presence out there in the electric fuzz of the internet. If so you might remember that September time 2019 I made a trip out to Holywell in North Wales.

12/09/19  HOLYWELL. Marmalade Cafe.

HOLYWELL. The High Street and the Marmalade Cafe. This is the outside of the cafe of which the inside features in an earlier post. A clicky link thing will be below. 

As I wrote earlier, because I hadn’t visited the town in such a long while it was really like a first visit all over again. I found a lot to interest me in the town and in the surrounding area, in fact to trip to Chester by train and then out along the North Wales coast by the local bus both provided the little moments of interest, the mental post it notes that accumulate and further down the line prod you into a revisit or spark off ideas for other journeys.

12/09/19  HOLYWELL. High Street  Town Hall & Mostyn Clock.

HOLYWELL. The High Street and the Mostyn clock on the Town Hall.

12/09/19  HOLYWELL. High Street  Barbers & Newsagent.

HOLYWELL. The High Street, Len The Barber and Roberts newsagents.

I felt I’d covered the day in those previous posts. Though as is the way of these things, doing some digital housekeeping on the computer threw up a few more images from the day. Top Tip, always take more photos than you think you’ll need, you might not think at the time that the Victorian letter box/ cobbled alleyway/shop sign will be interesting to someone else too.

12/09/19  HOLYWELL. High Street. Morris Dancing Mural.B

HOLYWELL. High Street, the dance goes on,  Morris Dancing Mural.

12/09/19  HOLYWELL.  Tower Gardens & Market.

HOLYWELL. Tower Gardens and weekly market.

12/09/19  HOLYWELL.  Tower Gardens & Market.

HOLYWELL. Due to the High Street being resurfaced and prettied up the market was a little bit tucked on the day of my visit. I’m looking forward to going again when things are back to normal.

12/09/19  HOLYWELL. St. James Church & St. Winefrides Well.

HOLYWELL. St. James Church and St. Winefrides Well. Known to some as the Lourdes of Wales and one of the oldest pilgrimage sites in the country. The Well was visited by King Richard in the 1180’s in order to pray for success in his forthcoming Crusade. 

So here is the last spin of the photography wheel, the last throw of the blogger’s dice on this trip to Holywell.

St. Winefrides Well Information

Holywell Information

HOLYWELL. An Abbey In Stones & Shadows.

HOLYWELL. Lunch and Afternoon Coffee.

HOLYWELL. The Nuts & Bolts Of The Past.

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