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SNAPSHOT! Colwyn Bay, Looking Through A Cafe Window.

It’s the Easter weekend and the holiday has been graced with sunshine. I was beginning to forget that you could have the sky in colours other that dull, life sapping grey. So I have taken myself off to Colwyn Bay on the North Wales coast fos a couple of hours camera wandering. I’m currently sat in Amanda’s Cafe, watching the world go by. I like old school style cafes, there’s […]

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SNAPSHOT. Taking A Bus Ride

I’ve had a nicely busy couple of days. Photos are being edited and submitted to photo libraries. The staircase has had what I hope will be it’s last coat of paint until the next redecorating. So I fancied a couple of hours of me time away from the computer screen and the stink of fresh paint. Not sure where exactly I’m heading but yes at some point the will be […]

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