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FRODSHAM. A Market Day Stroll.

Okay, I’m a big kid. I like travelling by rail and there’s a new train service in town. It’s a reopened route that had been mothballed for a quite a few years and it connects the West Coast Main Line with the route out to Chester and North Wales, cutting a corner off the journey into Liverpool from North Wales. This set me thinking, it meant I could get into Frodsham a bit quicker from the Liverpool area. The train company running it is Transport for Wales, there’s a link below.

Why Frodsham? Well on Thursdays Frodsham has an open market down the main street through the town and I like markets. I enjoy the buzz, chatter and bounce that they bring to a place. Also I hadn’t been to this one for a while so this was a perfect excuse for a revisit.

20/06/19 FRODSHAM.  The Market. Shoes & Slippers.

FRODSHAM. The sun is out and the weather is warm, time to treat yourself to some new shoes.

20/06/19 FRODSHAM.  The Market. Fresh Fuit & Veg.

FRODSHAM. A fine selection ofFresh fruit & vegetables on the market stalls which line the main street through the town.

02/05/19  FRODSHAM. The Thursday Market. Socks Stall.

FRODSHAM. The Thursday market held in the main street. Socks .

02/05/19  FRODSHAM. The Thursday Market. Als Diner.

FRODSHAM. The Thursday market held in the main street. Fast food from Al’s Diner.

The journey was problem free and I was lucky with the weather, the sun shone and people were out and about. It’s not the biggest market you will ever see but it does bring an extra dimension to the town’s comings and goings. I had a good walk around to work up and appetite. Which I dealt with first at the Devonshire Bakery, a pulled pork roll and lovely coffee which I would happily make part of my five a day.

02/05/19  FRODSHAM. The Devonshire Bakery. Pulled Pork Roll.

FRODSHAM. The Devonshire Bakery, pulled pork roll lunch.

After that I took a walk up to Castle Park, just on the edge of the town centre. The park was once the house and grounds to a local family who gifted it to the local council in the 1930’s. As well as the gardens and children’s play area, which was being well used in the sunshine, there is a stables block which it the home to a cafe, a selection of small craft shops and a gallery. It’s on my revisit list, one visit to a place like this is never enough for me to take in all that’s there.

20/06/19 FRODSHAM. Castle Park. The Gardens.

FRODSHAM. Castle Park, the formal gardens.

20/06/19 FRODSHAM. Castle Park. The Conservatory.

FRODSHAM. Castle Park, the conservatory in the formal gardens.

Making my way back to the railway station, which is right in the centre of town, I stopped off for another coffee and cake as well this time. Well I’d done some more walking since I’d had my pulled pork roll………….. I had that at Brew and Tucker on Church Street, a pleasant Aussie style coffee house. That set me up nicely for the return journey which again ran like clockwork.

02/05/19  FRODSHAM. Latte & Cake.

FRODSHAM. A latte and cake.







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