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AMBLESIDE. Watch The Birdie Watching You

22-09-12 AMBLESIDE

I was at a garden centre in Ambleside,  the town is at the top of Lake Windermere and after a walk  around the plants, gardening accessories I decided to have a break. The was a cafe with a roof terrace and I had just started enjoying a coffee and and slice of very good carrot cake when this character hopped onto the back of the chair opposite me. Mr Jackdaw, or Corvus Monedula ( yes I looked that up, it’s not the sort of information I carry around in my head ) was short on conversation, the occaisional caw and shuffle of wings was all that I got in reply to my observations on the days weather, the current political situation, the quality of the coffee and the cake. In fact, it was the cake that seemed to be the centre of his unwavering attention. Slowly I realised, probably some sort of avian telepathy, that while I was enjoying the cake, I wasn’t supposed to enjoy ALL of the cake.  I got the message. I finished my coffee, broke up what I thought was an overly generous piece of MY cake rose, bid him good day and left.  The was a squark, probably Jackdaw-ese for ‘about time’ and the cake crumbs vanished.  I supposed I confirmed in the Jackdaw’s mind that given time even the stupidest of humans can be taught basic tasks.

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