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BANGOR. The Lion On The Wall.

I took a trip into North Wales at the weekend. Train into Bangor then the bus onward to Caernarvon. The weather could have been a little kinder but it was a day out and there were photos to track down.

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SNAPSHOT. Newton Le Willows. Waiting for a train.

There’s always an air of expectation at a railway station, especially early in the morning. Will the train turn up on time? Will the day turn out as planned, or even better? All the answers hanging in the air like the misty rain that cloaks platform one at Newton this morning. SOME LINKS.

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ST. ANNES. Rose Garden Solitude.

A little to the south of the 24/7 party town that is Blackpool stand the genteel twins of Lytham and St. Annes. Both towns are favourite destinations of mine. As much as I like Blackpool a change of tempo is always welcome. Just off the centre of St. Annes are the Ashton Gardens, named after the Lancaster Lino magnate Lord Ashton who bought the land and presented it to the […]

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