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CHESTER. Music By The River.

. Duo performing on the riverside bandstand at the Groves.

When the days are longer and the weather kinder I like to take a trip out to Chester, the walled city hard by the Welsh Border. It’s a place I like to lose myself in, the corners and alleyways walking the walls themselves and in one ( or two ) of the many coffee places or bars that Chester is well provided with.

A popular spot that is more often than not on my list of to do’s is the Groves, the tree lined stretch along by the river Dee in the shadow of the walls. It’s a place to stop and people watch for a while, have an ice cream, that’s a sunny days only indulgence, not for when the temperatures feel colder than your ice cream. You can sit and watch other people sitting, the pleasure boats moor along here, so there’s always the mini dramas of boarding and unboarding, the boats sliding off on there journey, passing under the footbridge that provides a convenient viewpoint for the river traffic.

And thanks for listening!

There’s also the bandstand hard by the river, through the summer and a bit later sometimes for the hardier souls, there’s a selection of entertainments making use of it. You get the full musical menu, professional eager amateur, groups or soloists. Luck of the performing draw. On one visit I spent some time listening to this keyboard and guitar duo. Not a bad way to spend a bit of an afternoon.

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