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MANCHESTER. Beware Of The Trams.

The yellow Metrolink snakes slithering though the city.

One of the delights of a walk around Manchester on a day’s street photography mission is watching the Metrolink trams hustling and bustling away through the streets. The tram system now covers roughly 98 miles or so, from up near the Pennines at Oldham and Shaw & Crompton then down to leafy Disdsbury with a side step out to Manchester Airport. They are large machines but can be oddly quiet as they trundle determinedly towards you in their yellow and grey livery. Just ask My photo mate the G-Man, it was only the timely honk of the goose like horn that stopped him from being a tram’s lunch. They are supposed to be bringing in a tram network to his home town of Cardiff, I fear for the man’s safety.

The tram in this shot is coasting down from the Deansgate stop and heading into St. Peter’s Square, past the glazed, wedding cake exterior of the Midland Hotel. In the back grown are some more of the high rise buildings that are sprouting like like steel and concrete mushrooms around the city. St. Peter’s Square is a tram network hub, along with Piccadilly Gardens, the honking beasties radiate out from both. Morning commuters facing up to the day roll in, shattered humans travel home on auto pilot. All courtesy of the Metrolink, it’s actually a very good way of travelling around the city. Get yourself a day ticket and take a ride through the many faces of Manchester.

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