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ARNSIDE. Evening At The Top Of The Bay.

Wrapped up warm on the end of the pier watching the trains go by. The perhaps warming up in the Albion or the Fighting Cocks.

Let’s jump aboard the photographic time machine for quick trip up to Arnside, up on Morecambe Bay. It’s a peaceful spot, there are places with longer piers and promenades that promise and deliver most excitements per step but for me that’s not what Arnside is about. I like go there for the peace and quiet, a chance to have a quiet think and spend awhile taking in the scenery. These shots were taken on a November evening so they have the cool hard kiss of autumn about them. Wear your big coat weather, have the flask in the car weather. Make you appreciate your warm front room weather.

No updates as yet.

The sunlight dims, the shadows lengthen, the tide slips away unnoticed.

Waiting to catch the big one as the day steals quietly away.

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