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SNAPSHOT! A Mixed Christmas Bag. (Ho Ho Ho!)

The snow falls gently on to Newton le Willows railway station. A train to Chester is due.

Right, Christmas is now jingling away into the distance leaving behind a trail of gifts, wrapping paper, empty glasses and slightly mangled decorations blowing in the breeze. While in it’s wake 2023 is beginning to take its first faltering steps, unsteady for now, direction uncertain but at least on it’s way. So it’s time now to take the dust covers off my trusty nonsense generating blog machine, stoke up the flux capacitor and voyage yet again on to the uncharted reaches of the web.

As with all good tales, I’ll start with what is basically a “New Readers Start Here” post. A final look back at the dying but still glowing embers of 2022.

PRESTON. Grommett catching up on the world events by the market hall.
PRESTON. You can’t beat a ukulele yuletide session in the market hall.

SHREWSBURY. Time to get in trim for Christmas.
SHREWSBURY. History and endeavour remembered in the castle museum.

SHREWSBURY. Lights sparkle in the window.
SHREWSBURY. A hot chocolate is always welcome.
CHESTER. Waiting on a non too warm station for the train home.
WIGAN. The robot waiter arrives with the food.
PRESTON. A last coffee and croissant on Friargate for 2022.

There, done. A bit whistle stop but that’s Christmas. Time to start a fresh year of rambling and wandering.


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