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LYTHAM. Blowing the Christmas Cobwebs Away.

Lowther Gardens, a little light reading in the Park.

The new year is beginning to pick up speed. Still one or two things hanging around from its predecessor but that’s nothing new.

Risking the weather I took myself up to Lytham on the Lancashire coast. There was no particular plan other than getting out of the house for a couple of hours and getting some fresh ( very fresh!) air and have a think about what to do with this new year before it starts to get clogged up and weighed down with commitments.

Lowther Gardens, a snug bug hotel just waiting for the warm weather to return.

I had a bite to eat at the Lytham Kitchen, very good as always and then went for a walk around the Promenade and Lowther Gardens. It was what you might have called fresh, or invigorating. Bloody cold would work too.

A brisk day for walking along the Promenade.

Anyway, it was good to get out and have a think, see what schemes have a chance of working out. It was also quite pleasant to get back to my nice warm house.

Wrap up warm when you go out to walk the dog,

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