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SNAPSHOT! Manchester, Piccadilly Station Concourse Quick Step.

Are you early? Has it gone? *****! it’s cancelled! Your travel plans written on a big electric cheese wedge.

So the morning finds me enjoying the pleasures of Manchester’s Piccadilly station. The posh one that handles the trains from somewhere called That London and other south facing places. I’m awaiting the arrival of my Welsh correspondent, Gareth the G-Man. It’s not the busiest of mornings on the station but there’s enough going on to entertain the idle observer.

Manchester Piccadilly, concourse meditations in progress.

Well you join me now at the end of what has been another entertaining day, somehow when The G-Man and I hook up for the day we manage to collapse time in some way, no sooner are we saying hi! We are saying goodbye 🤔.  We take it as a sign of a day we’ll spent.

Passengers in motion.
First stop, Pollen over Ancoats way overlooking New Islington Marina. We aren’t hipsters, we just look like we are.
A marina in New Islington.
To ring the changes a bit we headed out to Knutsford, Gareth hadn’t been out that way before, it’s only a short ride out from Manchester and the town has quaintness dialed up to about 11. We took in The Cheese Yard, Gareth satisfying his inner mouse with a selection of fone cheeses, which as I write are being eaten on the 19.31 TfW Manchester service to Cardiff.  Those aren’t big mice in the photo, we took a walk into Tatton Park where the deer herd took some time out of their day to pose for the camera.

Back into the city it was time for a last lap around the city centre, which was entering the “Lively” stage. Part human story, part circus of horrors and then top up on the necessary nibbles for our respective journeys home. Me about 1/12 hours, Gareth about 4. Hope the cheese lasts mate…

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