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SNAPSHOT! Conwy, New Readers Start Here.

I see light at the end of the bridge. Llandudno Junction, off here, walk across to Conwy.

So it’s like this. I fell out of my bed in a state of some befuddlement, having to buy a new washing machine does that to me. Not wanting to waste a day, the seasons are turning through their annual, graceful waltz after all, I decided I would head out to North Wales. Into Conwy first then on to Llandudno.

Conwy Castle and some iron horses that Edward 1st could never have dreamt of.

I enjoy the contrast of Conwy with it’s narrow streets clustered within the embrace of the old walls, against the more jolly and racy resort atmosphere of Llandudno, more candyfloss, kiss me quick and seaside pier than medieval stronghold.

Down the High Street to the harbour.
The Liverpool Arms watches over the Harbour.
Hmmm, posh chocolate…..
So okay I had lunch, fight me.

So, sat on the bus now for part two in Llandudno.

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