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EDINBURGH. A Day Out On The Fringe.

Right, I haven’t been to the fringe for a couple of years, we all know why but for now that goblin of unhappiness is back in it’s box so I took myself off to that capital city in the north.

The Easy Rollers in their tent, shading from the sun.

It was a fine and sunny day, hot too so the crowds were out, both to see the Festival and the Fringe and to just soak up the sunshine. I started my day with a walk up the long curve of Cockburn Street and onto the Royal Mile by the Tron Church. I then headed up to George IVth Bridge. A sad omission from the Royal Mile, at least for this year were the preview stages where the Festival and Fringe performers could give the passing public tasters of their shows. I missed them, a victim of COVID regulations I wonder? They always brought an extra buzz of excitement to the proceedings as each fought for their moment in the spotlight to get the audiences in, carefully watched over by marshals to make sure there was no overrunning or other tricks.

Along the Westport if you like book hunting.

Perhaps best not to ask. When you die at the Fringe, you really die…….

I had a fish and chips lunch on the West Port, it leads down to the Grassmarket, washed them down with a crisp and cool glass of cider, then it was out again into the sunshine and the Fringe. The Meadows, just to the south of the city centre are another favourite location. The walk down from Bristo Square under the trees is a great location for acts I came across The Easy Rollers, a jazz band who model themselves on the 1920’s and good they are too.

Texting in the shadows. Edinburgh is a street photographers paradise.

Grabbing attention is key at the Fringe.

A cool drink in the shade is a must.

I had an ice cream break here, didn’t drop it on the floor which made a welcome change. It was then time to do a last circuit and get a cool drink in the shade before heading back to Waverley station and the train home.

An old police box repurposed as a coffee stall instead of a time machine.

Singing for your supper in the bright sunshine.

Take your pick, all tastes catered for.

The like their steps in Edinburgh.

Don’t bother with joining a gym just spend a couple of days in Edinburgh.

Along the Royal Mile.

Much appreciated shade on the Grassmarket.

Much to see and much to catch the camera eye.

Get your dancing shoes on for the Easy Strollers.

I must do it again, at some point. I’ll get the dates marked on my calendar.

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