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EDINBURGH, Two Windows.

Ramen and conversation through a Nicolson Street window.

Now in yesterday’s post I did drag you all around a bit as I took in my first Edinburgh Fringe for a couple of years, three in fact. So today let’s take things a little easier. As you might have noticed, street photography is a big interest, those moments, large or small that just happen as people meet/greet/ ignore/ argue etc. Layer that with the streets themselves, buildings, bits of buildings, shopfronts old and new. A faded sign telling a tale of a life long past. Sometimes a take a walk around and area, other times I just find a bench and just sit for a little while as the human circus passes by. Here’s two windows, two views that happened for a few moments then dissolved as time and events moved on.

On Bank Street, a shady view and reflections.

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