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SNAPSHOT! Fleetwood, Just Following The Tramlines.

Tram Sunday starts here.

It’s Tram Sunday in Fleetwood, a celebration of transport and just general fun. It’s the first one to be held for a couple of years because of “THAT”, plus the weather has been magnificent so that all added up to a massive turn out. Walking around I think there will be an awful lot of lobster people delicately dabbing soothing creams on in the morning. We’re British, we just don’t get weather like this.

Old and new at Fisherman’s Wharf down the Blackpool end of town. Normal services ended here while the old guys (the vintage trams ) strutted their stuff.
Vintage and varied cars were also on show.
Every home should have one if it doesn’t already.
To help you remember your breakfast.
Nothing like banging your own drum 👍
Sunbathing, Fleetwood Tram Sunday style.

So there you are, get the 2023 diary out and get it written down.

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