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FLEETWOOD. A Man, A Rabbit & The Beach Kiosk.

The Promenade and the Fleetwood Beach Kiosk snack bar. Just the spot for a promenade stroll refuelling.

Now the day’s are doing their exercises and stretching a bit more. It’s no longer getting dark at four in the afternoon but nearer six thirty so I can start to hit some of my favourite destinations as well as sniffing out some new ones.

A destination of choice is Fleetwood, along and up the coast from the mighty, candyfloss bedecked fun engine that is Blackpool. Now I like Blackpool but it can get a bit exhausting, you can have too much of a good thing sometimes. So I like to dip out with a tram ride up to Fleetwood where I can kick back and recharge, do a stroll along the prom and Marine Gardens, perhaps have some fish and chips ( okay, there’s rarely any perhaps about it ).

Fleetwood isn’t short of interesting history and byways. It has beginnings as a planned town, the mover behind events was Peter Hesketh Fleetwood who inherited the land on which the town stands. A statue to him is in Euston Park by the North Euston Hotel. The statue holds a model of the Lower Lighthouse which stands on the Promenade one of the two lights which guide shipping through the channel to the harbour. The other being the tall Pharos Light which stands further back towards the town centre, approaching ships would line both lights up, one above the other to ensure they were on the right course.

So that’s very likely where I will be as soon as the next bit of sunshine comes around. And no I won’t be sharing my fish and chips.
Euston Gardens. Sir Peter Hesketh Fleetwood statue, commemorating the founder of the town of Fleetwood. Standing proud with a lighthouse and a rabbit between his feet as a memento of the rabbit warrens that were spread across the sandy soil of the area before the town was built.

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