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KESWICK. The Old Dead Tree.

The stark, twisted, dead tree, Though new life will spring from it’s decay.

The walk out from Keswick town centre to the shore of Derwentwater is an easy peasy one, taking you through Hope Park and past the Theatre By The Lake. It;s a walk I like doing whenever I’m in the town, you can soon leave the tourist bustle behind ( and there’s ice cream available on the way ) I took this route a few weeks ago, the weather was more settled, though not quite as furnace hot as it id at the moment I was still grateful for the breezes coming ashore from the lake. I made my was past Friars Crag with the monument to John Ruskin, it’s green lake land slate blending in with the trees. Walking on I came to Strandshag Bay that looks across to Lord’s Island tucked in close to the shore. I passed this tree, it’s bleached, dead whiteness shining in the evening sunshine. It stood silent, almost reproachful, in the middle of a field of the greenest grass overlooked by the rolling Cumbrian hills and mountains. Like a ghost at a celebration.

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