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SNAPSHOT! And Then The Bus Died…..

It had all been going so well.

Well it gets boring if everything goes completely according to plan. As I write this a deceased bus and it’s passengers are sat on the outskirts of Workington. Fear not though, help is on the way ( fingers crossed etc )

The day so far has slid along like a pack of ice skating mice.

An excellent steak pie lunch in Cafe West, Workington.

All the connections had fallen into place and the weather, while it hadn’t been scorchy hot, it wasn’t freezing or monsoon wet either.

Whitehaven harbour.

I’m using a Northern Rail Lakes DayRanger ticket, it covers up to Workington on the Cumbrian coast, Penrith on the West Coast Main Line as well as the Windermere branch. You also have a spread of bus services in between.

Always useful to know.
Did you know Workington bus station was the first purpose built, covered bus station in the country, it opened in 1926. Well now you do.

A man in oil stained overalls is poking things in the engine bay and pressing buttons by the driver’s seat. Fingers crossed. If things get worse I can always eat my fellow passengers.

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