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SNAPSHOT! Keswick, A Convivial Pint.

Plenty beer and not a big queue at the bar, perfection.

Well what with the Kraken being spotted off the coast at Workington, the UFO buzzing Whitehaven, the bus breaking down and the meteor shower over St, Bees ( well okay I made up the bit about the bus breaking down, I have to jazz up these boring blog entries somehow) When I reached Keswick I have time enough for a calming pint. I’m not sure how that happened, just a bit of luck I expect. There is no shortage of drinking establishments around an about the town so I picked one near the bus stops. Timings can be tricky, chilling out with a drink starts to give time an inconsistent elasticity where some bits of it run faster, other bits run slower and all in an orbit around something called normal time. All a bit wibbly wobbly if you ask me. That said it’s a treat just to take a moment or three to step back, either with a pint or a coffee, tea and perhaps a really nice cake and just let events jumble themselves into some sort of order, letting the natural patterns emerge, the little pegs that you hang your day and experiences on.


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