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A happy cat is a cat with a box.

I have a branch of the Aldi discount store nearby where I live at Vulcan Village on the outskirts of Earlestown and Newton le Willows. This store is unusual as it is run by a cat, or at least the cat thinks it’s in charge and what a cat thinks becomes a fact. It seems that at some point the determined feline decided he would be in charge and he now turns up and spends some time there making sure that stupid humans don’t get things wrong and generally running things in that superior way that cats have.

On this day the humans had thoughtfully provided a box, it was for the antifreeze that was on offer but as any self respecting cat won’t pass a box by he didn’t and was all the happier for it. Cozy and warm and safe from the cool winds.

He has a home, he is very well looked after and fed and there are notices up to this effect.

He just happens to prefer the day job.

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