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LYTHAM. In Time For Lunch.

Well after yesterdays travelling excitements I thought a quieter day was called for so I settled on lunch, by the sea in Lytham, favourite sport of mine on the Fylde coast and in a favourite eaterie of mine, the Lytham Kitchen. That’s what I did and here’s some photos to prove it. The sun was high and the winds were cold so the post lunch walk was brisk to say the least.

A very enjoyable steak and ale pie from the Lytham Kitchen.
I enjoyed every bit of that pie.
After that lovely lunch I thought a walk would be a good idea.
I also thought an Ice cream would be good too. I mean it’s in the rules isn’t it? If you’re at the seaside you have to eat an ice cream. Is it still a selfie if someone takes it for you?

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