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FESHIEBRIDGE. Figures In The Woods.

FESHIEBRDGE. Frank Bruce. Three figures.

There is a quiet B road that runs south from the Highland town of Aviemore and threads it’s way through the thickly wooded hills and soon leaves the clamour of the town behind. It’s a twisting, winding route with little traffic, a quiet alternative to the heavy roar of the A9 which it parallels.

FESHIEBRIDGE. Frank Bruce Fallen Head.

At Feshiebridge a collection of sculptures stand amongst the trees above the River Feshie. They were created by a self taught sculptor Frank Bruce using untreated wood, the intention being that they would over time naturally decay. They were moved here from their original home In Banff, in the north of Scotland, the trail opening in 2007.

FESHIEBRIDGE. Frank Bruce Mother & Child.
FESHIEBRIDGE. Frank Bruce The Athelete.
FESHIEBRIDGE. Frank Bruce Carved hand.

While some of the larger pieces have started to fall apart some conservation work is taking place to slow down the process of decay but not halt it completely, so that the figures can be admired for a little while longer.

FESHIEBRIDGE. Frank Bruce Standing Tall.
FESHIEBRIDGE. Frank Bruce Working Man.
FESHIEBRIDGE. Frank Bruce. The King & His Crown.

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