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BIRKENHEAD. On Hamilton Square.

Hamilton Square Station entrance. To the right is the slope down to the Woodside landing stage for the Mersey Ferries.

Standing just off the Square proper is the tall, red brick tower of Hamilton Square Railway station. It looks in some ways like a Gothic fantasy, a statement announcing the arrival of a new way to cross the River Mersey. It was opened by the Mersey Railway in the late 1880’s, the route running from James Street on the Liverpool side to Green Lane on the outskirts of Birkenhead.

In the beginning the trains were steam powered which must have provided the early passengers with a ride that both thrilled and horrified. The clean and more efficient electric power arrived in the 1900’s and the new novelty was proudly announced with the new sign on the side of the tower.

The station and the routes are now part of the Merseyrail network, serving the Wirral coast through to New Brighton and West Kirkby and down to Chester.

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