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SNAPSHOT! The Fog On The Fylde Is All Mine.

Fairhaven Lake in fog softened tones.

Winter officially starts tomorrow, the 21st the shortest day but that cold gentleman put in and early appearance yesterday as I had a walk around Lytham and St. Anne’s.

This is the time of the year when I like to grab whatever chance of daylight happens to be passing, even when like this day there wasn’t a whole lot of it about as a thick fog settled in and showed little inclination to move on.

There’s an all enveloping silence that walks hand in hand with a thick fog. Traffic noise dwindles away and passing cars look like something from a silent film, an effect heightened by the muted colours and light. Moisture hangs in the air like undecided raindrops, while the fog eddies and flows, a land bound tide swirling about as people walk gingerly through the diffused light that strains its way through from the fluttering, overhead candle of the sunlight.

A distant boat sits waiting for the returning tide.
A brisk walk along a fog bound promenade.
St. Anne’s, fog on The Square.


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