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SNAPSHOT! Chester. Last Lap Christmas Shopping.

At the Groves, down by the Dee.

So 2021 is packing it’s bags and getting ready to leave stage right. It was a bit of an improvement on 2020 but that’s not setting the bar very high.

As is usual at Christmas all my carefully worked out plans fall apart like a house of cards in a wind machine. I had a few things still to get so I headed off to Chester, see if I could track down the last few elusive bits.

The market cafe does a pretty fair all day breakfast, I went for the five items. I have my figure to think of……..

I had a walk up from the station along Brook Street, Moss, a favourite coffee hideout was closed for Christmas. (Dammit !) So I headed on into the city to the market. It’s currently under redevelopment and that scenario always leaves me a bit wary. Markets are a vital, lively thing and you mess with them at your peril. I’ll be interested to see which direction it goes in. I had a bite to eat( see above ) and then picked up some cheese for Boxing Day and my inner mouse.

Bridge Street and the Rows.

I headed back into the city centre and finally corralled my last bits of shopping ( still need one more calendar though ). By now everything was beginning to wind down and a stillness was beginning to settle over things.

I headed down to the river and walked back in a loop on to Bridge Street. I made time for a reviving coffee and cake before heading back to the station and my cosy fireside.

Hope you all had a good a Christmas as circumstances would allow.

The Dee Bridge under an unimpressed sky.
Few takers for the benches on the day.
Reviving coffee and cake.

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