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ABERYSTWYTH. Some Planning Ahead.

ABERYSTWYTH. PD’s Diner on the Promenade.

Right so 2021 is in it’s final decent before landing and regenerating into a New Year. I like my metaphors mixed not shaken or stirred.

I’m in the process of deciding which places will have the dubious honour of me lurching through them in search of images and of course coffee and cake. Looking through the files I realise I haven’t been to Aberystwyth for about three years now. That’s quite a gap for me.

ABERYSTWYTH. Constitution Hill and Victoria Terrace. With the Cliff Railway.

I have a liking for this resort on the Welsh Cerridigion coast. It has a bit of an old fashioned air but in a positive way, like it knows who and what it is. I visit some places and they seem to have a lemming like urge to follow every latest trend and fashion. Progress is good, it’s necessary but as a town don’t go firing off in all directions and forget who you are and where you started.

The mechanical man in the window.
Chimneys chimneys poke out of the pier roof like the periscopes on a submarine.

Anyway, Aberystwyth is on the list, I really like the rail journey down to Shrewsbury and then across through Welshpool and Machynlleth, with a run alongside the River Dovey and then the coast through Borth before gliding into the station at Aberystwyth.

Fiddler on the promenade serenades the approaching evening

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