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BOLTON. Some Thoughts On A Rainy Day.

BOLTON. Food Festival ’19. Discarded shoes. I hope some Lancashire Cinderella made it home okay.

I’m sat in my little back bedroom office, as I look out of the window there are grey clouds overhead and a veil of misty rain drifts around like an unwanted ghost at an exorcism party. Its at times like this a trip through the photo files is called for, so if you want you are more than welcome to join me on a trip back to 2019, before the world went mad, and the Bolton summer Food Festival.

BOLTON. Food Festival ’19. Cheese toasties. Very good, very tempting, believe me, VERY tempting.
BOLTON FOOD FESTIVAL. Newport Street, the commitee meets. A table in the sun, food, drink and the world put to rights.
BOLTON FOOD FESTIVAL. Food festival diners in the sun on Le Mens Crescent With the Wood Fired Pizza van.
BOLTON. Food Festival ’19. Victoria Square, Authentique Bakery. The sausage rolls are very good…………so I’ve been told…
BOLTON. Food Festival ’19. Carmen Miranda on the streets.
BOLTON. Food Festival ’19. Cupcakes. Lets finish with a sugar rush…..I did.

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