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SNAPSHOT! Chester. Steam In The Night.

Smoke and steam on the move.

I’m a big kid still and few things stir my heart more that the sight of a steam locomotive. I’ve been into Chester today and I knew that something was occurin’ by the sight of people lining up on the road bridge that crosses one end of Chester station.

It’s a Black Five” Was the answer I got when I asked what was expected and sure enough a few minutes later a plume of smoke came around the curve of the line to North Wales and 44871 steamed majestically into the station. The bridge wasn’t the best vantage point but I took a couple of shots to notebook the event and went off into Chester for a walk around the Christmas Market and to search out coffee and food.

Letting off steam.

On getting back to the station what should be waiting but my new best friend 44871, drawn into platform 3 ready to take the return leg home. I didn’t waste this second chance and lined up some more shots and a short video of the locomotive in motion.

My inner Big Kid is now happy.

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