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LYTHAM. The Turning Of The Leaves.

Framed by Autumn on Clfton Street.

I took a trip up to Lytham at the weekend, it’s a favourite destination of mine. A place to wander and get some fresh air, a place to chase down a pleasing meal or a place just to find a quiet corner and sit and watch the world go about it’s business.

Autumn is busy about it’s work, draping the trees with it’s palette of colours, from earthy russets to almost banana like yellows. The pavements are now crunching under the fallen leaves as the skeleton trees emerge to stand on duty through the winter.

From Yellow to brown, the tree’s rustling crown.

Everything will hold it’s breath and seem dead for a while, then come Spring, nature will stir, and buds will grow as the whole merry go round starts again.

A garland of rich, fresh butter yellow hangs ready to be the wind’s plaything.

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