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BUXTON. The Well Dressed Well.

The well dressed well, Buxton pictured in petals.

A feature of the Derbyshire Peak District is the ceremony of well dressing. It’s a custom with some history, dating back in some areas to the 1800’s, it and is a celebration of and a thank you for the plentiful supply of fresh water from the many wells that issue from the natural limestone of the area.

Obviously the unhappiness of the last year and more put paid to these large gatherings but as things are hopefully easing I was lucky enough to find that St. Ann’s Well by the Crescent had been decorated. I have drunk the water’s from this well many times and it has a marvellous flavour to it, unimpaired and natural from the rocks almost a mile down beneath the town.

The decoration is made up from flower petals and leaves, each painstakingly mounted by hand by a team of volunteers.

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