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LONDON. A Few Hours Wandering.

St. Pancras, when they’re cleaning windows….. Sooner them than me.

A had business to do in that London but in between it I managed to do a bit of a walkabout.

Time was a little bit tight so I didn’t stray far from the area around Paddington and Kings Cross stations. It’s a little while since I was last in London, it’s not that I have a particular dislike of the city, it just doesn’t come at the top of the list when I’m planning a trip out.

Supply teachers holding a protest outside the headquarters of National Education Union.
Marchmont Street, in leafy Bloomsbury. The area was the childhood home of the actor and Carry On films star, Kenneth Williams.
History is all around in this part of London.

There’s a ubiquity about it, it’s always in the news or other media so I always end up with the feeling that somehow I’ve already been. The weather was not the kindest but then it was the end of October. I’ll probably take another trip down next year, but at the warmer end of the year.

Marchmont Street, dining al fresco on a cool October day.
Bread in the window on the corner of Marchmont Street and Tavistock Place.

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