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MANCHESTER. Monochrome On great Ancoats Street.

Sunlight and shadows as you get yourself a shave and haircut at the Ancoats Barber Shop.

The wind is blowing, the rain is raining but I can weather the storm, I have my photography to keep me warm.

As the rain dances down on a bleak and windy evening it’s a little hard to remember that a few scant months ago you could sit outside with your drink of choice and not have to watch out for polar bears etc.

The temperatures are dropping as the year slides into the cool, unforgiving grasp of winter. It’s about now I start going even more into sloth mode than I am normally. Dark nights, cold weather I can put up with. Rain I am most definitely not a fan of. If I want to get wet I have a nice hot bath or shower. I make an exception for snow though but only while it’s deep and crisp and even. Seem to be going through a song lyric moment, odd

The Ancoat’s district of Manchester is one that still fascinates. It has all the little corners and buildings that have some character about them. I know that a city is a living, organic thing, always changing, always evolving but it’s reassuring to still be able to find places that have been overlooked, it only for now, in the ruch forward.

To get me through the dark interlude of Winter I stockpile images through the sunnier times when Mr. Blue Sky visits so I have something to work on when the days are like Gollum’s cave.

A spread of architectural styles across the road.

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