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MANCHESTER. Night in The City.

Evening coffee for two

This is Manchester on a January evening. City streets have a particular allure, yes I know you have to take the sensible precautions but there are moments to be captured as the ebb and flow of city life swirls about you. There’s no need to be brash and stomp around the streets being “A Photographer”. Just find a spot and the shots will generally come to you unbidden. If you aren’t intrusive people are as a rule too intent with enjoying their evening to bother.

All your ducks in a row as they say.
Few things beat a late night burger and chips.
A night time magic Roundabout
Taking a chance with that fickle Lady Luck.
The romantic elegy of night time on a railway station.

Like a certain song says, have some sympathy and some taste and the images will be yours.


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