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KESWICK. You Can’t Beat A Really Good Stick.

Have styick, will travel…….

Up in the Lake District and a little less hectic than Lake Windermere is Derwentwater, hard by the town of Keswick. I was up there a while ago, back in the days before things went askew.

After a walk around the town and a bite to eat I headed up to the lake. The afternoon was just starting to fade into the evening and the lake shore, under the dappled shadow of the trees was gently filling up with people taking the air.

I headed out to a small, sheltered headland that overlooks Derwentwater, there’s a bench there with a calming view across the water, it’s understandably popular but there’s always a chance you can nab it for a moment or two. I was out of luck but there’s always the next time. I was entertained by a dog who was talking his owners out for their evening walk. He’d found a stick, not just any old stick but a STICK. His delight was beyond measuring. His only problem with was that it was slightly too long to fit between the bench and the tree. He wasn’t going to give up though. A stick like this doesn’t come along every day in a dog’s life.

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