The travels, musings and thoughts of a man and his camera.

LIVERPOOL. Paperback Reader.

St. John’s Gardens at peace with a book.

Every once in a while a shot comes along that is just so right only a fool would walk by and not get the camera out and push the shutter button. This is one such image.

It’s been tucked away, semi forgotten in the deeper reaches of what I laughingly call my filling system. It was taken back in 2011, in St. John’s Gardens which lie behind St. George’s Hall on Lime Street. I’d had a stroll about the city and was making my way back to Lime Street station and the train home when I dropped on the man and his paperback. Not literally obviously. Something about the image just clicked, I couldn’t let it go by unrecorded.

So remembering my manners, I asked first and took a couple of shots and then moved on leaving the man and his book in peace.


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